Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas cheer has spread around the world, and Hanoi is no exception.

I've been busy sending Christmas cards. Well, postcards actually. I haven't seen any Christmas cards, so I got some postcards and did a little cut-and-paste on them to make them a little more Christmassy.And the kids have been learning Christmas carols at the kindergarten. Here's there version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas that I recorded during class...

As you can see, they were a little distracted by the camera, and just a little distracted in general. So for take 2, the teacher told them that the video would be taken to the police after class, so that the authorities could see who was singing and who wasn't. It worked like a charm.

Who knew that fear and cheer were interchangeable?

So remember, if you know someone who is a bit of a grinch and you want to cheer them up during this holiday season, you can always threaten to report them to the authorities.

Merry Christmas!


mary said...

These kids should be reported to the authorities for being illegally cute. As if the fiddy pudding wasn't enough, that tiny gal is wearing tiny glasses. Stop the insanity.

Nice work on the postcards. The Santa conical hat is bound to sweep the nation. Festivity and function...together again.

Mike Herron said...

Good stuff. I admire what you are doing.

Juji said...

Dear Sethefer,

Went to lil bros xmas luncheon w/mike. Would rather have been with you in Viet Tam (they changed the name back again just for xmas day) and singing carols whilst sitting on the floor and making cute faces before the scary threats started. Got the mountain top and precipice metaphors and oh to be a young man afoot in a strangely wonderful land. Or even a young girl.

Happy Holls...