Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog Post One

4/16/08 (Moved from another blog)

So, I’m planning on moving to Vietnam for a while, and a blog seems like the best way to keep people posted on what I’ve got going on. And here it is. The blog. (Yeah, I know. Hold on to your seat.)

I received my first series of shots today. 2 in each arm, and one in each butt cheek. 1/2 a dozen shots and a lecture about using protection with the women and not petting the dogs (Or vice versa, I might not have been listening very well). The doc was talking about dengue and yellow fever, rabies and typhoid and encephalitis and hepatitis and malaria and… I was thinking of investing in one of those boy-in-the-bubble type space suits. It makes me wonder at what point I would prefer death over more shots and living in fear of water, the sun, and skunks (Seriously, he told me to watch out for skunks). But, I go back for more shots in a week, and more in a month, and more in 6 months (though I’m not sure how that’s going to work because I plan on being on the other side of the world). This thing is turning out to be an adventure already.

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