Saturday, April 26, 2008


I got two more shots on Wednesday. One in each cheek. Rabies and something else. I can't even keep track. (No pics of my punctured and band-aided buttocks - sorry ladies.) I've got more in three weeks.

I also started my volunteer tutoring gig at a center for southeast Asian folks in town. So I spent two hours tutoring Ruth Weissman today (Not her real name - not even remotely close). I was a little nervous because I had absolutely no idea what to do. All of the studying and lesson planning that I've done has been for groups, and I hate not having a plan. But when I got there, the Coordinator, Lord Groz (Again, not really anything like her real name at all) set me up with some books and we ended up mostly going through those. I was relieved to find that I really liked it. She even called me "teacher". It's definitely the kind of thing I could do all day, hopefully with a large group. Which is good. I didn't want to find out I hated teaching and end up working at the Da Nang TGI Fridays instead.

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