Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Postcard Exchange

One of the lessons that I have coming up with my group at Blue Dragon has writing a postcard as an exercise. And I figure I might as well have them write real postcards to real people that can send real postcards back. So I'm looking for volunteers. If you have time to answer a postcard from Vietnam, let me know. You could have a beauty like this all the way from Southeast Asia decorating your cubicle wall.
Send me an email if you're up for it. fishercommaseth("atcom" -that's what they call it here)gmail.com


Don Hall said...

Missing you, brother.

Send me a postcard.

Crazypants said...

i'm in.

rebar said...

I have no view.
Need postcard.
Send soon.

Seth said...

* Update *

I now have about a dozen people on the postcard list. My Blue Dragon English class usually has 5-8 students, but we had to cancel our last class because of the flooding and there were only three that made it to class today.

So the first 3 postcards are in the mail and others will be on the way as I find more kids to sent them. Thanks to everyone who volunteered.


sdelrosario.chi@gmail.com said...

Hey. Sorry I'm so late on this but I'm game for whatever I can be game for.

Seth said...

You are on the list. There are about 6 people ahead of you, and about 10 postcards have been sent so far. I'll see if I can recruit a few more postcard writers tomorrow.