Monday, July 7, 2008

First Road Trip Post

I left Saturday morning. Right now I'm at a diner in some little town in NW Kansas that has wifi. So far I'm on schedule, but it's pretty grueling, and I might think twice about trying to make my Mariner's game in Seattle on the 19th. That would probably mean missing the performance at Portland Actors Conservatory on the 17th too... I don't want to miss either one, but it seems like I might have to chose between that and missing everything else in between.

I'll write more tonight if my campsite has electric, and post when I can.

For now, some pics...


Anonymous said...

You still have lots of tread on those tires I see.

Seth said...

They have about 1,500 miles on them. Just put them on. They're Avon Distanzias, and they've been great on the road so far. I really need to try them out on a little bit of dirt.