Sunday, July 20, 2008

Road Trip post for Saturday 7/19

So Saturday morning I got over to my cousin Kyle's and we headed down to the Mariner's game. We were planning on getting there for batting practice, but there was a lot going on in the city. We spent some time sitting in traffic. We were sitting a while, and I could feel other people getting retro 80's baseball baps while we sat there. Every second was one less chance of me getting my hat.
When we got off the interstate he wanted to look around for parking. After years seeing people spend $50 to park at Cubs games, $15 for parking across the street from Safeco Field seemed like a joke, and I wasn't going to miss getting my hat to save a couple of bucks, so I convinced him to park in the lot.

And we got our hats...A dream come true. So it is possible sometimes to go back and set things straight. And we look just as awkward and goofy as the pre-teens we would have been if we would have made it to the original game in the 80's, so it's perfect.

We took our seats right under the jumbotron, and got to see what it would be like to be famous everytime they showed something on it. It seemed like the whole place was looking at us.
With the Mariners loosing at the top of the 9th, some thoughtful fellow decided to take it upon himself to provide some entertainment, and ran out on the field. When security got close, he was smart enough to lay down, so they wouldn't clothesline him. They hauled him off and we went back to the game.

We stuck around for the last out, and got to see a couple of more runs, but final score was Mariners 6, Indians 9. I didn't care. I got my hat.

After that, was the annual block party in Kyle's neighborhood. And good time was had by all.The only thing left in my big trip was to cross the Canadian border.

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