Saturday, July 12, 2008

road trip post for wednesday

Wednesday in Mesa Verde I noticed this deer sneeking around the campsites just after dawn. She was probably just getting ready to pounce as I woke up.

Bear trap at the campsite. I couldn't decide if this was comforting or not.

Mesa Verde has a bunch of cliff dwellings and ruins from the indigenous people that used to live there. The biggest ancient housing development overlooks this valley. One of these rooms would go for $500,000 in Chicago.

After Mesa Verde I went through 4 Corners. It's the spot where the borders of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico meet.

Which bike is prettiest and obviously doesn't belong in the hog pen?

I asked the Navajo woman what to put on the frybread. She said that the tourists like to put stuff on it, but they eat it plain. So I had it plain. It was good. Silly tourists.

After my dry spell on the sticker hunt in Missouri and Kansas, this was a great day for stickers. I found the dear and Mesa Verde stickers in the morning, and 4 states in one sticker at 4 corners.

The grand canyon was grand indeed. It's a little weird because it's hard to know what to do. you know this thing is big and amazing, but it's hard to take in. It actually made me a little dizzy just looking into it. So what do you do when you see a really, really big hole in the ground? You have somebody take your picture in front of it.

This was the best part of the Grand Canyon was spotting the elk. He was right next to the road and didn't care who took his picture. I guess when you're that big you don't get spooked very easily. You can tell his antlers are brand new. He hasn't even unwrapped them yet.

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