Monday, July 14, 2008

road trip post for Sunday

Sunday was the day of the daschund. At about 6, Ivory's friend came over with her dog. They were getting a ride to the airport and catching a flight, so he was already on doggie downers.
I headed for San Francisco. I took 101 most of the way. I'd been on US 1 before, and it was pretty cold on the coast. Also, going up the coast all the way would have taken something like 13 hours, so I decided on 101 instead. It was a little hazy in spots, but I haven't run into any detours due to fires yet.
I made it to my friend Tim's place around 5 or so, where he, his husband, and their dog were putting me up for the night.
They have a beautiful place on a hill. (I guess everything in San Francisco is on a hill.) And, they had a nice guest room with a big, soft bed.
It was a pretty long ride up from LA, so I slept like a baby. A dead baby on heavy tranquilizers.


rebar said...

Hey. If you're headed Seattle way, which...of course you are. You should give Karla a ring.

I'm telling you...her domesticity is something to be experienced first hand!

Seth said...

Perfect! I'll be up there with plenty of time to hang out with Karla. I forgot she was out there now. Thanks.

rebar said...

If you need her number or anything, lemme know.

I'll shoot her an email with your bloginess to warn her of her impendng doom.