Sunday, July 20, 2008

road trip post for Thursday 7/17

Thursday morning I had breakfast with Lark and her friend Lisa and then started toward Salem and Portland.There is beautiful scenery all the way up the coast.
I got my Oregon sticker at this surf shop. For free!
I made it to Salem and got a charger for my phone. She also gave me a new cover for it, because she was going to throw it away. I guess they aren't making it any more. Which kind of explains why it won't charge up and I can't use it without the ear bud. But it's got patriotic swagger!

I hung out in Salem for a few hours. The Barista at the coffee shop talked about getting out of Salem and I tried to assure her that it really was possible.Found my way up to Portland to the Portland Actors Conservatory for the graduation showcase. I was part of the first graduating class there back when acting was first invented.

I met Maureen and her husband Philip there and they put me up for the night. It was pretty great to roll into the rose city and feel at home after being gone for so many years.

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