Sunday, July 20, 2008

road trip post for Friday 7/18

Friday I got up like someone with a job and I followed Maureen to her workplace, the Portland Japanese Garden. I got a private tour before it was open to the public. Maureen walked me through it and it was absolutely beautiful. Another one of the places on my trip that I couldn't really capture in pictures. But of course I tried...
Then I went back to the Conservatory and followed Chris home, where I got to hang out with him, Beth, and Akito. Akito looks like a pug, but is probably really some kind of space-aged , cold-fusion-powered, gyroscopic, robot. She vibrated like a jack hammer and I would have sworn there was 4 of her when she attacked me. I had a really hard time getting her off of me because she had paralyzed me with laughter - probably with some sort of hypno-ray. The only time she stopped buzzing was when she sat on my bike. There was a moment of profound silence while she whistfully looked into the distance as if to say, "That's my home, friend... the horizon..."
She was a noble creature indeed.

Before I left town I stopped at Pearl District Tattoo to get a little ink. I wanted to get something in the northwest corner of my compass rose tattoo. The northwest is where I'm from, and Portland had a lot of important firsts for me. I thought about a couple of different designs but then decided that filling it in with a nice cloud-grey would be the most appropriate. It seemed a little darker than I wanted at first, but then, that seemed pretty appropriate too.And yeah, I'm wearing a bandana around my neck. What about it? I'm a cowboy. "On a steel horse I ride..."

I headed up toward mom's, but stopped for lunch just over the Washington border. People who aren't from around here think I'm joking when I talk about Marion Berries. A Marion Berry isn't a crack smoking DC Mayor, it's an actual berry. It's a kind of blackberry, sometimes sold out of SUVs in parking lots, it was developed in Marion County, Oregon, and it's delicious.
So I slowly made my way north through rush hour traffic (which was just as bad as Chicago or LA), and finally made it to mom's place.
(I actually washed the helmet liner before we took this pic. It was getting a little funky.)

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