Friday, July 11, 2008

road trip post for tuesday

My homemade coffee maker.:
Friendly dinosaur with an internet connection:

Rockies. Every time you take a picture it looks like a postcard, and postcards don't do it justice.

And the ride was amazing. Probably the nicest twisties I've ever been on.

Telluride was ridiculously beautiful. It was hard to believe. I wanted to say, "There just happens to be a beautiful thousand-foot high waterfall at the end of main street? Oh come on!"

They say that the altitude can get to people, and I think they're right. I caught a pretty serious buzz from the ginger ale I had.

I didn't make it to Mesa Verde before dark, so it was a slow, tense, ride to the campsite. I saw a couple of deer on the way. Last summer I saw a couple of bears, but they didn't scare me as much as deer do. You never hear about motorcyclists being killed by bears, but deer do it all the time. Deer and cabbies are a my worst nightmares. In fact, I can't imagine anything more terrifying than a deer, talking on a cell phone, and driving a cab. The deer alone are bad enough. So I was glad when I got in to the park, set up my tent by my headlight, and crawled into my sleeping bag.

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